Friday, December 03, 2010

TOULOUSE : to lose some hair


Spent the day in Toulouse, primarily to collect a miscellany of household items from IKEA and its local less-fabulous cousin, Conforama. During the morning I had a haircut so that I would look less like a feral “other brother Darryl” after my days in the vineyards. Munson cosied up to a few of the other guests in the salon, and would occasionally make not-so-surreptitious attempts to slither over to my chair, possibly to enjoy the spectacle of me being the one to have hair removed.

Munson meets robohound


  1. Hi, I'm Larry. This is my brother Daryl. My other brother Daryl is living in France right now.


  2. So how come there's no 'après coupe de cheveux' photo? You didn't end up looking like Abel Magwitch did you??!

  3. Anonymous7:47 am

    Did you buy any multi-medias?

  4. No multi-media purchases. Munson was put off by the muttley-media in the window.