Friday, December 31, 2010

VOIRON & beyond: Annecy


Savoie Libre Today’s itinerary comprised a set of towns on a NE axis from Voiron : Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains and Annecy. We started with Annecy, the most distant at 100km. Geneva is only another 45km after that. Over the last thousand years, this territory has moved between the county of Geneva, the House of Savoy, France, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and finally back to France in 1860.

Judging by the graffiti on the plaque (left), the Savoyard Liberation Front are keen to free the territory from its current oppression.

Lake Annecy, the second largest in France and reputedly the cleanest in Europe, sits next to the oldest part of the city (unsurprisingly). It reminds me of Lake Lucerne.

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PC301837  what a silly idea 

 Keep the lake clean, leash your dog, and don't eat the ducks Preserve us from the savage fauns

Oppressive regulations: keep the lake clean, leash your dog, and don't eat the ducks. Apparently being eaten is dangerous to a duck’s health. Who knew?

Obligatory picture of the Palais de l'Isle (centre)


The old town is very touristy – a Franco-Swiss blend of Venice and Brugges if you will. One can choose to be appalled by that, or by how very ordinary the streetscape becomes as soon as you exit through one of the old city gates.

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  2. That photo of Munson smiling next to the empty orangina bottle is fantastic!

  3. @Terry - Under the main Blogger edit box, if you click Post Options, you can set the date & time of the post.

    As I have so much material over the New Year period when I didn't have time to blog, or internet connection to do so, I'm pushing the posts out as I get time, with all events set to when they happened.

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