Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VOIRON & beyond: Eglise Saint-Hugues de Chartreuse

2010-12-29 VOIRON - 3 Eglise St Hugues

A thoroughly unexpected discovery on this beautiful mountain was to be found inside this church with a rather ordinary exterior. Over a thirty-five year period (1952-1986), the artist Arcabas filled the interior with this massive outpouring of sacred art.

PC291664-681_stitch perspective

As you enter through the main doors, you can almost feel all the bright but earthy tones burning into you – you could get cooked by all this! It’s quite organic too: the dimensions of the works feeling just right for the space they enclose.


2010-12-29 VOIRON -5

Interspersed with the paintings are tapestries, stained glass and sculptures, all executed by the one man. It’s a bright architecture of human form and theatre as an oratorio of colour, that to my mind speaks more to the capacity and inspiration of humans than to any supernatural element. The imagery is sometimes akin to that of the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers, crossed with the colours of Hundertwasser.

PC291696   PC291692


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  1. Just WOW!

    I have to admit I'm just amazed by old cathedrals and such -

    I guess they just don't build 'stuff' like they used to!

    The last shot was incredible as well!


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