Thursday, December 30, 2010

VOIRON & beyond: Grenoble greencho

2010-12-29 VOIRON - 6 GRENOBLE

Grenoble sits at the intersection of three valleys: the French Alps, Chartreuse massif and Vercors massifs surrounding a surprisingly flat river plain. With a nearly 700-year old university, and a refreshed infrastructure after hosting the 1968 Winter Olympics, it’s now a major high-tech centre.

PC291801The city centre, still decorated with seasonal lighting, is similar to Lyon. It was nearly dusk so I couldn’t appreciate the snowy peaks looming all around. I did want to appreciate a good hot chocolate, and found a tea house with many enticing fruit tarts in the window. On the menu I found a greencho – linguistically a curious mashup of English green plus phonetic French cho ( chaud ) to make “green hot [chocolate]”* – which is a mug of hot chocolate to which a teaspoon of green chartreuse has been added. Yum. I suspect more than one teaspoon was present from the intensity of the taste, so some home experimentation is in order. Extra yum for the chocolate raspberry tart that accompanied it. Poor Munson just got to be loved.

*Greencho may also appear on menus as Greenchaud or Verte Chaud. The combination of chocolate and chartreuse has reached outside of metropolitan France as may be seen here and here. Infusing nougat and marshmallows with chartreuse are other possibilities.

2010-12-29 VOIRON -7`x

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