Tuesday, December 28, 2010

VOIRON : Isère : Rhône-Alps : France


We’ve arrived in Voiron, at the edge of the massif de la Chartreuse west of the French Alps. Historically it was part of the County/Duchy of Savoy which was ultimately split between France and Italy 150 years ago. In so doing, France gained its last piece of “metropolitan” territory, and Italy got the House of Savoy as its ruling dynasty until the end of the Second World War.

Centuries before that split, Voiron was traded for some other lands, and sits within the department of Isère, adjacent to Savoie and Haute-Savoie. We’re not far from Lyon, capital of this Rhône-Alps region, which we visited exactly two months ago.

IMG_0371 IMG_0370

While there are more signs of snow and ice about – the footpaths are oh so slippery – it’s not really any colder than it was in the Gers this week. Munson’s not particularly surprised by any of this cold wet ground cover, and it’s definitely not slowing him down. I’ve got him on a very short leash as a balancing aid, lest I take a dive onto the pavement. I’m already limping a bit from a burn to the foot a few weeks ago. I fell asleep with my bare foot against a hot-water bottle or bouillotte, and awoke with a few square inches of blistered skin. Any footwear more tightly-fitting than my woolly ugg-boots has worked counter to the healing process so from that perspective, this escapade is probably ill-advised, but we’re here and will press on.

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