Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It seems I am not the only constant traveller in my family. My family history researches have thrown up a number of individuals who have travelled widely, and certainly many who intentionally braved the long sea voyage to Australia to create a new life for their families. There’s also more than a handful who were dispatched in the direction of Australia by virtue of their occasional lack of virtue.

Sam is my second cousin on my mother’s side, and thus descended from the first of my convict ancestors. Some years ago I connected with his mum online in the course of my genealogical quest but owing to Sam and I meandering across different parts of the globe at any one time, we haven’t met in person yet.

Having “been chosen by Mongolia” (his words), he’s spent the last few years teaching English in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Now he’s launched a blog and a podcast “Chewin’the Yak”on all things Mongolian – at least something to do while sitting out the –25C temperatures. Curiously, Ulaanbaatar is a sister city to the Gold Coast in Australia,  a relationship probably built on a shared propensity for vodka consumption during the school holidays.

Meanwhile, I must go back to vacuuming up after my domestic yak, who is undergoing a major moult.

[10 Feb edit: yakkyman.wordpress.com has moved to yakkyman.com. Links above updated accordingly]

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  1. Such interesting history. I wonder why on that newspaper clipping, sometimes they use an "s" and sometimes they use and "f" instead. What's up with that?

    Anyway, don't you know us Mal's moult year round? Well, at least that's why my humans think since the fur flies 24/7/365 here!


    PeeEss; my verification word is "cheesses". I think I'm hungry now.