Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrivées et départs

Munson @ Toulouse-Blagnac #1 Munson @ Toulouse-Blagnac #2

When I picked up Chris from Toulouse-Blagnac airport, I got there a little early to scope it out as it was my first visit. I left Munson in the car and went inside to find the arrival gate. I was quite surprised to find a few people wandering around the Arrivals hall with their leashed dogs, so I immediately returned to the car to retrieve Munson. He was one of three dogs waiting by that one gate as two flights were disgorged.

When I dropped Chris off yesterday at a very busy Departure hall – the school winter break is just beginning – I still saw several people checking in ( themselves or others, I don’t know) with furry companions.

Toulouse tableauChris was flying back as a standby passenger so I got him to the airport early for check-in and then went into Toulouse for a short while in case he got bumped from his flight and I had to bring him home again to try another day.

As I drove out of the airport carpark, I read the message on the drop-gate screen, rendered in three languages:

    • French: a bientôt
    • English: have soon
    • Spanish: adios

It was as if it had been done by someone using machine translation!

Chris messaged to confirm he was safely aboard his flight but we didn’t stay very long as a giboulée (icy thunderstorm) swept through. I noticed this tableau affixed to a wall near the city centre, possibly a scene rendered not far from that spot.

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