Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day in the Life

2011-02-17 Munson in holes

Munson’s going hole-crazy everywhere. From the barn to the side of Lac Désolé whenever I turn around, he has his fluffy white arse in the air, and his snout buried in Wonderland. Just adjacent to the area of the lakeside I’ve been working on are at least five holes that are at least the size of a malamute head. Munson has been working his way around all of the them, making strange mewling noises as he snuffles around for whatever rodent or womble traces lie within. It’s like he’s trying to play a giant harmonica from the inside out.

Luckily for Munson the farm has more holes than Blackburn, Lancashire so endless fun to be had.

Waving the white flag


  1. Michael H8:23 am

    Could you train him to look for truffles?

  2. OMD!! That is totally what fun looks like! I love to dig caves too! I often find fun snacky bugs to eat! Unfortunately, no bunnies though.

    Good luck Munson!


  3. The Herd agrees that the best spring sport is hole digging and mud wallowing.