Tuesday, March 01, 2011



Until a couple of weeks ago Brent and Jean had – even with dog, cat and a couple of chickens – less tonnage of livestock than I do with Munson. That all changed with the arrival of five pretty young heifers or génisses, each of whom would have been Munson’s current weight in their first week. Four of the five are of a similar age to Munson, approaching three years, the fifth being a year younger. They are all of  a rather rare breed known as Mirandaise. The name comes from the town of Mirande, about an hour south of here, home to Europe’s first and largest country music festival. It in turn is only 30 minutes from Marciac which has an internationally famous jazz festival.  As far as I know there are no Marciacaise cattle around: jazz hands and cow hands just don’t mix.

Munson’s gone into the cowhaus a few times for some vocal jam sessions which remind me a bit of the long modulated wooing conversations he’d have with Bondi on my office floor in Sydney. He’s intensely curious about the new additions but respectful of the heifers’ size (backed up by hooves and horns). They reciprocate this curiosity if not the respect, but seem not at all skittish about the similarly-coloured young man who comes visiting.


I am still mindful that Munson should mingle with any livestock quietly, if at all. He’s not paid much attention to the newly expanded chicken run next door, and ideally we’d like to progress to the point where the poultry can roam freely without interference from either dog.

Pigs, cats and more cows and poultry are on the near horizon so there will be plenty of work, and plenty to report.

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  1. Hmmmm, free roaming chickens and cowdogs. Sounds like a lot of potential fun to be had!