Monday, February 07, 2011

Un gâteau en feu

Birthday cake

Many of my friends have been stuck at age 29 or 39 for some years. I’m parking myself at age 10 indefinitely. The kids produced a set of birthday cards for me. They seem somewhat enamoured of my work overalls (the Andy Pandy suit as the so-called grown-ups call it), and so that’s become my identifying wardrobe. Apparently my hair has gone beret-shaped.

Today also marks 5 years since I started French lessons in Paris with Bondi, and had my first extended lesson in la bureacucratie française as I attempted to stash my car for our two month stay.


  1. I would imagine those are some of the most favourite 'Bonne Anniversaire' cards you've ever - and will ever - receive!

    Thanks for sharing the smiles!

  2. Bon anniversaire!