Thursday, February 17, 2011

You there with the hay in your eyes

Munson in the hay bales

I’ve been very remiss in posting pictures of Munson’s activities of late. I’ve not been out and about much due to my cold, and my yardwork is generally too dirty to keep a camera around while my little buddy works out how to integrate himself into that dirt.

You have to understand that a malamute is essentially a 4WD pussy cat. It will lie around your house alternating an affectation of indolence as legs splay in the air, with a diligent preening of its fur and cleaning of paws as it regards you from its favourite sofa.

IMG_0637 IMG_0636

A malamute may not lie on your book while you’re reading or slump onto the keyboard as you type – but that’s only because it’s got bigger plans. So when you’re gardening, the best place to be is standing exactly on the patch you’re weeding, under the branch you’re pruning, or in the hole you’re digging.

P2162365  P2162366

While Munson was profitably distracted lolling around in the barn between bouts of tunnelling into the bales for mice, I decided to fill up the honeycomb of rabbit holes around the lake edge. The big house has had a pile of decorative clay rubble in front of the door for several months, which may have earned it a Tidy Town award for Bedrock in 50000BC, but I think everyone was quite over it – tripping over it usually. As I put pick and shovel to the rubble, Munson suddenly materialised exactly where he was least needed, quite unperturbed by the shifting ground around him. Then it was over to the lakeside where he could stand in the holes I was filling up. Rubble to hole, four loads, all the same, always looking up at me as if I was making his day. And that’s not a bad thing at all.



  1. Hahaha!
    You have quite a poetic way of explaining a Malamutes behaviour. Years of observation.

    Nanook's son now mimics him; they both lay about all day on their backs, four paws up in the air.

    I wondered; all his skin is a soft pink colour, except for his balls. Do you think that they would instinctively lie on their backs, and allow the sun to warm them (the balls, to be specific). Do you suppose that is why the skin the black? Or is it to make them more apparent?

    Uschi has learnt that if she drops her toy in the hole we are digging, or on whatever other task we may be currently attending, that we have no choice but to throw it. Clever bitch.

  2. We do aim to please. Oh, and we also aim to be sure our humans treat us like the royalty we are!

    You look quite handsome in the hay Munson!!


  3. I think that border collies share some of those malamute traits. Callie will chase anything that moves, which includes wheel barrows, lawn mowers, and roto-tillers.

    Some of that's very dangerous stuff so she is often banished to the indoors when the big machines come out.

  4. The problem with mals is not in chasing, but simply standing on or immediately front of everything.

  5. @Atalya - being on the back I think is more for ventilation I think. The skin will turn black from sun exposure.

    I found that when Bondi lost a lot of his hair due to his glandular problem, the exposed bits turned black pretty quickly.

    When I've had two mals at the same time I found they would do a lot of posture mirroring.


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