Friday, March 04, 2011

The cow-poo/coypu exchange

2011-03-04 Lake

One of the wee disadvantages of having a dog that likes to romp with cows, is the territory that he romps over tends to be rather pungent. A late afternoon romp is particularly unfortunate as it doesn’t give time for him to romp all that muck off in field and lake.

I don’t have a convenient outdoor hose or wet-room to clean Munson down easily so a trip to one of the farm’s closer lakes was the obvious solution. The one right in our backyard is still a bit too mucky for this, but there’s a decent one five minutes down the hill behind one of the vineyards.

P3042601 P3042618

Just as we approached this lake, I heard two splashes and saw two distinct rings of ripples as some animals disappeared beneath the surface.  What we have here are coypu – otherwise known as a nutria, ragondin or swamp beaver – a South American rodent pest introduced by fur ranchers to several new continents. Their burrowing has damaged some of the lake levee walls on the farm, so Munson is very welcome to scare them off.

Munson swam around a bit and inspected the banks from above and below without them visibly surfacing  - or perhaps they’d entered a burrow. At last he was de-pooed after all the scrambling in and out of the water, and so as the air quickly cooled with sunset we set off back up the hill for a clean evening indoors, leaving the water beasts to recoypurate.

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