Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daisy chien

King of the daisies


I’ve been chided for not putting up enough pictures of Munson, so I snapped off a few on our walk around the edge of the farm today.

It seems as if the bees have moved from the willow trees to the daisies as they blanket the fields in advance of the sunflowers which will cover the Gers in months to come. What we call daisies may refer to knee-high marguerites or little pâquerettes. Each day this week has brought out a couple more of the tulips I planted around the terrace in December.

Today’s been the first bad day for spring pollen, but I suspect it may be more trees to blame than the grasses and ground-cover. I was sneezing in Condom town this morning but not so much back on the farm, even sitting amongst les pâquerettes. Time, tears and tissues will tell!

Dozy daisy


  1. Love all of the pictures, but that one is just so perfect.

  2. Love them!!! Yes, that's what we like to see! Pics of handsome Munson looking absolutely adorable!! The last one is definitely my favorite! Khyra is correct, such bliss on his face!!

    The top one reminds me of Bondi.

    Thanks for giving us more Munson pics!