Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kissing cousins

2011-03-02 Munson cow sniffing

Munson just can’t get enough of his cow girl-friends in the corral next door. He’s been trading a few licks with the girls as if he were greeting new dogs to a public park. The important thing to know is that these new girls have horns and powerful hooves.

Munson in his office

For the most part, I am happier when Munson heads to his office to deal with any fresh news of rabbit scent that has crossed his desk.


  1. That's Elusa the cow on the top left.

  2. It's so nice of you to be such a good Malaboy ambassador to those giant cowdogs!

    Oh, and great work on the bunny patrol! You are doing quite a good job I see!



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