Saturday, March 12, 2011

New neighbours

Munson watches the delivery

Just after 3pm a livestock transport turned up with some new neighbours. Joining the five Mirandaises (temporarily relocated to a newly-fenced paddock), we now have twenty Salers (Sal-airs). Most of them are heifers, along with a handful of mothers and a single male calf.

 Saler mother cow  Gordito the calf

Look at the horns on those mothers! Even peeking out from our more than safe terrace, Munson seemed a little scared by the new ladies. I know he’d still like to make friends, but between those horns and the protection afforded the calf, I don’t even want him licking them through the fence.


There’s more background on this herd here.

One of the mothers produces the most perfectly articulated “moo” sound I’ve ever heard. She’s also the voice of the herd, and I could hear her through the night, interspersed with a chorus of frogs from Lac Désolé. It makes me think I’m living in a Nickelodeon cartoon.


  1. Anonymous8:57 am

    Sorry to be picky, but don't French cows say "meuh!" ? Cxx

  2. Only the bffff! cows.