Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beach day

Gustav & Munson (1) Gustav & Munson (2)Gustav & Munson (3) Gustav & Munson (4)

I must say I am really jealous of how well these pictures of Munson and Gustav turned out, as I’m sure I don’t have 6 pictures of Munson and myself that look this good in 3 years! These were taken in the space of two minutes!!

Gustav & Munson (5) Gustav & Munson (6)

The setting was a local swimming lake, which we had all to ourselves when we arrived late in the morning. It doesn’t officially open till Easter (next week) but that really just means there’s no shop open for refreshments, or lifesaver on duty. By the time we left there were quite a few sun-worshippers splayed out on the sand laid on one section of the lakeshore.


One of the surprises of the season is that Munson likes strawberries. Usually he (as would Bondi) would gingerly taste some fruit and then spit it out, and then look back up at me to see if I would share the next piece as that must surely be more desirable. However Munson has relished the juicy strawberries I’ve brought home this month.


After strawberry snacktime I thought we’d try for a  circuit of the lake as I’d seen a woman set off with her two dogs for exactly such a walk. At the edge the water is teeming with tadpoles, and I spotted a few fish (carp? trout?) about 30cm long or more.

P4162957-64_stitch Lupiac

P4162965 2011-04-16 Lupiac   Gustav

The terrain around the lake is about half open track and half under a canopy of leaves filtering the light to stunning affect whether it strikes land or water.

Lupiac collage


  1. I think these are some of my most favourite pics of all time of Munson!!!

  2. Those are great pics of Munson! Oh, and Gustav too! Harooroo!

    Nothing I like to see more than those great pics of Munson!