Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty and the beasts

Spring’s assault on my sinuses continues. It’s boosted my rate of book consumption, but there are still days when reading through red eyes is just not practical and I sneeze my way through some outdoor distractions.

Meantime, life on the farm continues. We’ve had a few days over 30C, followed by a few rain showers – just the thing for renewing the hayfever onslaught.  Frogs and lizards thrive in my garden, and I’ve heard the unmistakeable cry of my first live cuckoo. The grass is growing so quickly it has to be mown twice a week.  Between mowings I go around and inspect the regrowth for new shoots of nettles or thistles, locate the major roots and pull out as much as possible.

The heat is slowing Munson down a bit, leaving him happy to snooze on the cool floor inside. However as soon as I head out for a spell of yardwork, he dashes to his “office” to see if there are new rabbits waiting in his inbox.

P4132895  P4132898

Brent and Jean had a busy afternoon moving cattle between paddocks. Being a Wednesday the three Munsoneers were home from school and were sent to chez moi for babysitting until the cows came home.

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