Saturday, April 16, 2011

Middag på terrassen

Gustav and Munson

Our sunny villa terrace has two new additions this week, both from Sweden. My friend Gustav is having a short respite in France (his first), enjoying our balmy weather, country quiet and his new BFF Munson. He helped me set up the new sun shade from IKEA that I picked up in Toulouse before collecting Gustav from the airport.

The outdoor setting was christened with a dinner of chicken (cooked in Australian lemon-myrtle spice) and fresh asparagus from today’s farmer’s market. As we were finishing that off, I heard Jean at the gate and joked “oh that will be dessert”… and indeed it was. Jean had made a batch of fresh strawberry ice-cream and shared a tub of it with us.

Gustav and Munson  Gustav's ice-cream


  1. They were Strawberries from Spain, but still lovely. The local stuff is coming in now.

  2. Gustav7:54 am

    The ice-cream tasted very good even though the strawberries came from Spain.