Friday, April 29, 2011

New ---- in old barrels


When we came to the farm last year there was a huuuge quantity of armagnac stored here which was to be sold separately to the land and buildings. Now it’s all been taken away, leaving us with some splendid old barrels and tubs to use as handy garden beds.

I scored a couple of these tubs for the terrace but my hayfever prevented me from getting out to prepare them for planting. Jean warned me not to leave it too long as the binding hoops start dropping off as the long-cellared timber dries out. Realising that I was but a day away from having a bundle of tapered staves*, I grabbed some hay from a barn to line the bottom and then shovelled up a couple of wheelbarrow-loads of richly composted soil from the corral to fill each barrel.

I’ve yet to make a decision as to what to put in them – one has been kept in a semi-shaded spot near the kitchen door (above), and the other has been left in a more exposed position across the terrace. For now, it’s back inside until the sneezing and itching subsides.

* Look what people do with old staves:

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