Thursday, April 28, 2011

The outfoxed malamute and the hedgehog

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Just after 9 this morning I heard Munson squawking at something outside my bedroom’s slightly tautological French windows. I could see a brown lump on my terrace, rejecting all of Munson’s attempts at play or conversation. Munson was waving a paw over a hedgehog on an attempt to give it one of his “come play” cuffs, but I never knew if he ever connected with the spines.

The tightly-curled up animal seemed unharmed, but not willing to show its face even after I’d put Munson on the other side of those windows.

I was rather surprised that our guest – undeterred by the scent of large  animal – had found its way onto the terrace via the villa gate some thirty metres away, making its way up a half dozen stairs to the farthest accessible point from the gate. The only other possibility was the unlikely one that a large bird had dropped it there. I don’t know of any sufficiently powerful raptors in the area nor of any pelicans with reinforced bills that might have scooped up our little friend.


The last time I woke with a large animal outside my door (before I formed my own wolf pack) was when I was living in a college on the grounds of the University of Sydney. One weekend morning, I drowsily opened my door and as I stepped out, kicked a possum across the dark corridor. Nothing wakes you up as quickly as a marsupial hissing its protest and waving its claws around your bare feet.

Our hedgehog was a shyer guest than the possum and I was able to gently slide a dustpan under it to remove from the terrace. I placed it in the undergrowth next to our household pond, and it had disappeared when I returned an hour later.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Spiney Norman's visit!

  2. Anita9:08 am

    I love hedgehogs, they're funny wee things.