Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Scratching out the week

Back of the ute

There’s been little to blog about over the last week or so.  Spring has brought forth a bounty of pollen which has left me scratching my eyes and keeping indoors much of the day. Thankfully I’m  immune to most of the pastoral greenery – it’s possibly just a few of the closer cypress pines which are doling out clouds of my little bêtes noires.

At least every other day I get outside for short bursts of frenetic vine post collection, weeding, lake dredging, bramble slashing, seed planting and any other gerund which I deem timely and good exercise. The extra indoor time means more reading and some more focussed time on the piano learning new pieces.

It’s been raining on and off through this time, great for the garden, and I feel a little less guilty about not having Munson gallivanting outside each day. He’s been pretty happy indoors or snoozing under the table on the terrace. I’ve also chosen some of my outdoor activities so that he can be rabbit-hunting within close proximity. Not long before the photo above was taken, he’d given great chase to a hare that we encountered on a walk down through the front paddocks.

Early this morning I was woken by the sound of dogs barking and howling. Munson must have been telling some fox or stray dog (through the terrace gates) that they should rack off. Shortly afterwards, a stressed-out Munson came into my bedroom, jumped onto the bed and buried his head under my arm. Poor muffin!

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  1. Mike, I love reading about your life in Gers. It sounds completely lovely. Thanks for the update!


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