Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something tasty in the woodshed

log rolling

I’m not famous for being an early riser, but when I do find myself awake in the pre-9 hours, I go to my terrace to appreciate the views over the vineyards to the east. Without fail there will be rabbits everywhere, daring Munson to come down and  find them in one of the holes he frequents every day.  Beyond the small bunny-cratered landscape, they bound through the woodpiles and poo all over my new lawn. With bunny-scent everywhere, Munson spends part of his day searching through the lumber shed, home to all the vine posts I’ve harvested in recent months. He’s surprisingly nimble striding over the posts, and is never deterred by the complete absence of any visible animal residents.

Not more than twenty metres from where Munson was conducting his investigations I spied a head amongst the grass and lucerne of the closest paddock. At first I thought it was a large dog as we sometimes get visits from hunting hounds from around the area. Then I realised it was a young deer – quite unperturbed by our proximity, although Munson never picked up on its presence.

Bimbi the deer

When I mentioned this to Brent and Jean, they said that “Bimbi” has been seen with the cows as well, returning day after day to hang out with the herd.

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