Saturday, May 28, 2011

1226 posts later

Michael & Munson


The first blog post was made on this day in 2005, just after landing in London with Bondi. Munson made his first appearance around the third anniversary in 2008.

Today was a simple affair, a trip to Lectoure markets with Gustav for fresh vegetables - where I found the hedgehog bell shown, marking the visit from le petit hérisson last month; and some more cherry picking on the farm.

And so we go into El Loco & El Lobo year seven…


  1. Congratulations on keeping the blog going for so long... I know from personal experience that we don't always feel like keeping it up. Well done.

  2. Bravo!

    Our next 'big' post will be #1300 -

  3. Good show! The photos of the golden sky are spectacular. I love the hedgehog bell; our is a rooster. We had a cat bell that I painted black to match the cat we acquired last year, but it was knocked off by a delivery guy. So we got the rooster. A hedgehog would have been more appropriate.


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