Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checking your lac toes tolerance


We may be in the middle of a drought, but the lake at Lupiac is sparkling and the water temperature is perfect.


  1. One of your best ones yet! "Lac toes tolerance" indeed!!

    (My word verification for this post was "Twingly" What a lovely word. I'm going to have to create a meaning for it and slip it into conversation: "Don't forget to bodge your twingly tomorrow...")

  2. Ahhh, that looks so refreshing! We're going to hit the 90's this weekend so will be spending lots of time inside in the a/c!


  3. Looks terrific. I assume the allergies are better?

  4. My hayfever cleared up on Friday - a couple of brief eye-watering moments since then, but it's fantastic to finally have respite.

  5. The lake looks lovely. By the way, regarding our comments over on Ken's blog (didn't want to hijack it any more than we had already!) yes Clive and I were both EU nationals before we left France for the UK. But I think what I said is true, if you take out a PACS in France then while you are in France you have much the same taxation and inheritance benefits of marriage. This is quite an informative page:
    Nice blog by the way... I joined as a follower.