Wednesday, May 25, 2011



2011-05-24 Cherry picking

A couple of the cherry trees next to the driveway are hanging heavily with their fruit. The birds have picked off most of the accessible cherries on the nearer tree (the ones that Jean and the kids didn’t nab first), and the remaining tree is heavily fortified by blackberry thorns. Undeterred, Gustav and I haul a ladder down through the undergrowth and collect a large bowl full of gorgeous sweet cerises.
Munson and the giant cherry Munson and the giant cherry #2

Munson is not usually interested by fruit, but a bright red cherry or two rolling around the floor tempted him enough to gingerly sniff and lick them before despatching them whole. With a tongue like his, I’m sure he could tie a knot in the stem, but that’s beyond my teaching capacity.

The cherry red theme was carried over into dinner – chicken with sweet potato mash and a liberal supply of grilled capsicums.

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