Sunday, May 01, 2011

COURRENSAN vide-grenier

Munson in salle des fetes

There are only so many of Munson’s sock dances that you can bear before you realise that you have to trade cabin fever for the risk of hay fever. It was time to venture out of the house … ever so briefly.

We’ve been to quite a few vide-greniers in the Haute Garonne before moving to the Gers farm, but this was the first opportunity in nearby Courrensan. There was the usual range of bric-a-brac: old toys like Bob le Bricoleur, and board games such as Margot L’Escargot plus innumerable unrecognisable farm implements of a century before.

I bought an old brass umbrella stand in the form of a slightly open umbrella. It looked a little weird walking around the commune with it, but I’m sure most people’s eyes were fixed on Munson. He was a big hit with many folks, some of whom – and this is not a first – spent considerable effort in several languages trying to tell me how special malamutes were. One went as far as to claim that while huskies may have blue or differing colour eyes, a malamute has fourteen colours in one eye!

The second-hand goods were complemented with local artisan crafts and foodstuffs, horse-and-cart rides and a brass band that seemed to be on the verge of playing for half an hour without actually ever emitting a note while we were there. I was beginning to sneeze my head off with the tree pollen around, so we didn’t loiter very long. A very short outing but it appeased Munson’s wanderlust for a few days.

Vide grenier

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