Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I haz chickenz (and eggz)

2011-05-03 I haz chickens and eggz

It’s not all dogs, frogs and hedgehogs here.

At  the start of April I visited the local Maisadour ( a hardware/garden/farm co-op) and placed an order for three poules pondeuses – egg laying chickens – to supplement the harem of Kevin the cock. My three red hens were accompanied by three black Sussex hens for Jean that arrived the same day. Luckily the chicken coop is at the other end of the villa from where I sleep, so even if Kevin is my loudest neighbour, it’s mainly the pond frogs who have to put up with his timetabling announcements.

It’s taking a little time for the girls to get up to speed with egg production and there’s a great variation in egg size, but even the smallest have yolks twice the size and brilliance of a typical store-bought egg.

I don’t think I’ve had so many animals at one time since I had an ant farm as a boy.

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