Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kittens 101

Mike, Munson and the powder-blue eyes of Greyskull

Introducing Greyskull and Gryff(indor), barncats-to-be.

The two boy kittens were donated to the farm by the mayor (one of our near neighbours) a few days ago. They’ve been living in one of the barns, adjusting to this big smelly world of cows, straw, and the noisy young Munsoneers who christened them. The grey one is actually called Greycute, but he has such a He-Man ferocity to his hiss that I think Greyskull suits him better.

Munson himself is not yet accustomed to living with cats so I’ve kept him away from their general vicinity.  Back in Sydney the neighbourhood cats used to taunt him whenever he was in the yard, so he’s had a rather skewed view of them. Bondi was a bit of a cat-chaser in his youth, but settled down to live with them in confined areas.

kittens, kittens, kittens

Today I sat outside with Munson (with a good grip on his collar) while the two kittens ran around us and over us. I worked on reinforcing good behaviour from Munson using clicks and treats. Most of the time he was more concerned that the strange little puppies were trying to get into his treat tin. They in turn showed little fear at approaching Munson from any angle.

We spent a little over  half an hour doing this so Munson became used to their presence and wasn’t tempted to um… “floss” with them. I believe we made fine progress in this session, but it’s only the first of more such sessions. Please excuse the temporary invasion of kittens on the blog after getting through nearly six years without them (an internet first?).


  1. I don't think anyone will be chat off by the inclusion of some cute fluffy little puddies!

  2. Never let your guard down though. Kitties will always be snacks, no matter how use to them you think Munson is! It's the natural prey drive that can kick in at any time!

    They are adorable though!