Thursday, May 05, 2011

Two years on

November 2005: Bondi on La Concha May 2011: Munson on my lap

Later this month, El Loco & El Lobo celebrates six years and 1200+ posts. Through the first four of those years, the blog was very much about my special relationship with Bondi. With his passing two years ago today, the lens swung to Munson, smaller in stature, but as confounding an animal as ever crushed one’s lap with the very considerable weight of his affection.

Some days I feel like I’m on a seesaw, a great weight of memories on one side, and years of possibility on the other. Both are of great comfort to me, especially on days like today when I remember helping Bondi through his last day with love and dignity.

Life: how do you do it without a malamute beside you? A funny, cuddly, cantankerous, woolly, mellow, twinkly-eyed magnificent piece of work they are.


  1. I ask the same question but mine is built around a Siberian!

    Congrats on the approaching special events!

  2. I've taken a few tentative steps on my path to having my own Malamute beside me!! I've been very patient for the last 25 years (when I first set my heart on the only breed of dog for me.)Hopefully in the next 12 months I will have my own 'Munson'!! (You are going to be SO grilled about all things Malamutey......!!)


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