Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Think The World Of You

We Think the World of You DVDWe Think the World of You [1989] (1)

Back in February,  I noted that J.R. “My Dog Tulip” Ackerley’s novel We Think The World Of You was about to make an appearance on DVD.  Today, an Amazon care package delivered a copy into my depollinated retreat.

The film is from 1988 but it has the look of a TV melodrama from 1950 - the year the book was published. The malnourished look of postwar London is lit up by first rate star power in the cast: Alan Bates, Gary Oldman, Liz Smith, Frances Barber and a very beautiful German Shepherd bitch.

We Think the World of You [1989] (2)


Most poignant for me were the scenes of man and dog walking along the river Thames near Hammersmith Bridge, something I did time and again with Bondi during our London time 5 years ago.

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