Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cheese o’clock


Sometime between 3 and 8pm in these parts it’s cheese o’clock.  I indulge in a few slices of what France is best known for, this land of Liberty, Egality and a slice of Brie, mixed with some dates or prunes d’Agen. If there’s a hard rind or the cheese has become more ‘aromatic’ than my tastes allow, Munson will get some portions. I once bought something that I thought was a small wheel of Brie which turned out to be something all together too ripe for me, so for a time at each cheese o’clock session, Munson would get a few slivers from his own  reserved block.

My current favourite nibble is an Ossau-Iraty which is a brebis (ie made from ewe’s milk) from the French Basque country. It’s creamy with a slightly caramel nutty flavour. The brand which I usually see is Istara, but I should try to get some direct from one of the Pyrenean farms one day.

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  1. Ossau-Iraty was my favourite too when we lived in Cognac until I discovered Corsu Vecchiu - a corsican sheeps milk cheese which is wonderful (but I can't get it here unfortunately)!