Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fur-nishing the nest

Munson fur in nest [Jean's pic]

Munson has been blowing his winter coat over the last few weeks. Jean found this nest near the house which has been very obviously using the many bits of undercoat fluff blowing around. It’s just as well that the chicks are unlikely to be desensitized to the smell of tree-climbing malamutes.

That doesn’t really give a proper idea of the scale of the process by which a malamute lightens its load of woolly undercoat. Jean’s find prompted me to pull out the box in which I had been collecting everything I’ve taken off Munson this month.

Amazing isn’t it? Munson doesn’t look very different after it’s all come out, just a bit less full in the rump. I’m thinking of spinning it all up into wool for a future knitting project.
2011-06-29 Munson fur


  1. You need a spinning wheel. It would only add to the rural ambience.

  2. That's quite remarkable! I'm not sure the vacuum cleaner has been invented yet which would keep up with that!

  3. It's always amazing how much fur comes out of us. And how it seems to NEVER STOP coming out of us! It's endless fluff!!! Now, imagine that X5 at our house!


  4. No matter how much brushing you do, they never look any different - this was from one brushing session of Chief

  5. It seems like we never have a time when none of The Herd is blowing coat, except maybe the middle of winter.