Saturday, June 04, 2011

Munson meets Legend


I brought Munson over to the big house for his introduction to Legend. I have to do it on leash at the moment, because of the sheer number of creatures loose in the yard. The main gate to the henitentiary has been thrown open so that Kevin and the girls can forage for insects ad libitum. Meanwhile the four kittens lope around unsure of whether their mission is to find mice, a new hairy mother figure or just get trodden underfoot.

P1030733 P1030734

Munson was very interested in the smell of the pup’s hindquarters: after all that is where the stuff of Legend is drawn from. It maybe wasn’t the ideal meeting: Legend mainly wanted to chew on Munson’s leash, and Munson was distracted by a band of ninja kittens.

P1030738 P1030741

An hour later, Jean brought Legend over for a dedicated 1:1 session on my terrace, free from interference from other animal species. It was funny to see him running around, looking like an animated pile of Munson’s blown undercoat.

What puppy? I haz latte!

As a good host I provided espresso for Jean, and some strips of tree bark for the dogs; Legend could immediately begin his chewing apprenticeship with Master Munson.


P1030750 P1030751

P1030752 P1030753



  1. We look forward to reading of many shared adventures.

  2. Oh my!

    Oh MY my!

    What great pictures!

    Thanks much for sharing!

  3. He's pretty cute!

  4. Cute as all get out! What breed is he?

  5. Walt: He's a Pyrenean Mountain dog, or in the USA: Great Pyrenees. See my prior post.

  6. They're awfully cute together!

  7. Woo there Munson~
    That little fella looks pretti cute. Woo better keep him under your swapper as long as you can before he gets bigger than woo.
    Best wishes on keepin' him in line.
    Your pal,


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