Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Play date

All hail Munson

Munson’s getting a bit bored by his farm confinement; it’s three weeks since my car broke down, and it isn’t going to be mobile in a hurry. That makes Legend’s debut very well-timed. Tosca just isn’t into playing with other dogs – taking their toys is acceptable, actual play is not. Munson still tries to get her attention, but she just ignores him.

I brought Legend over for a second dedicated round with Munson. He’s still finding his legs but definitely gaining confidence each day. At first Munson wasn’t going to have a bar of him, rumbling noisily when the pup made submissive gestures … and then Munson rolled over and let Legend nuzzle him. After that, Munson was back on standard puppy-training form and went off to get a stick to lure Legend into play.

P1030792   P1030793

P1030794   P1030795

P1030797   P1030801


I introduced Munson’s squeaky yellow toy into the mix, and that really got him going: running up and down like an idiot, hardly caring if Legend paid any attention to him.

P1030807 P1030813

P1030815 P1030817

P1030820 P1030825

Legend fell into Munson’s water bowl and so I had to dry him off.

P1030840 P1030841


A rainstorm started up and Legend retreated under my bench, with Munson as extra umbrella.

P1030850   P1030862 



  1. Great photos - you captured their playfulness perfectly. I love the ones sheltering under the bench in the rain!

  2. Very cool. I enjoyed the pictures a lot.

  3. Munson looks to have really stepped into the role of mentor (and hero in Legend's puppy eyes).

  4. How long until Legend makes Munson look 'small' -

    What great pictures!