Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pleeeeease play with me!

P1030887There is no saying “no” to a puppy determined to play with someone six times his size.

It’s hard to get a lot of shots of Munson playing with a puppy – each moving in different directions or over the top of the other, and then I’ve got to keep them both in focus.

In other news, my car limped a bit further to a possible recovery with a  transfer to a specialist mechanic at a garage another 45km away.  I thought I’d organised this transfer two weeks ago, but apparently nothing could be done unless I stood silently in the presence of one garage-owner while he telephoned the other (who had been waiting for it to turn up) again. 

It’s extremely frustrating and increasingly expensive as I have to keep renting cars. There’s a narrow trade-off as to when it becomes cheaper to buy and insure a second car.  I’m so glad that there are cheerful pups to turn one’s mind to.
You do your stick thing, I'll do the leash thing  P1030922

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  1. Oh My Dog!!! Legend is SOOO adorable! I just looked through the other posts of him and watched the video! He and Munson are son cute the way they had their sticks and the way Legend was bouncing around. There is nothing cuter than a puppy playing!

    I can't wait to watch Legend grow up with Munson and how their play changes and Legend gets bigger and bigger and bigger!

    I just want to smooch on that cute little face!!!



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