Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Puppies and Mint


One of my most frequent visitors is my neighbour Minty, aka the youngest Munsoneer. She usually appears at my gate and calls for me to let her in, saying that “X said I can come watch a movie” where X is one of her parents or elder siblings. I asked her last week if she liked visiting me, and she candidly replied “No I just like watching movies at your house”.

P1030685That afternoon we got through two movies, a few cartoons in the middle, and I read five books to her, two in French (C’est pas grave, L’Abécédaire à Croque) and three in English (Anatole, The Dumb Bunnies, The Terrible Underpants). At four years of age, with all her memories and schooling being in France, she confidently corrected my pronunciation of pleuré. Sigh.

Minty and melon  P1030934

Today she arrived at my gate with a little basket of goodies, announcing she had brought everything she needed for the day at my house. In the basket was a small tea-set and plates, but as soon as she was let in, she lamented that she had no food to put on the plates and looked up at me with a meaningful stare. Sigh.
Minty and Legend

Her mum Jean brought Legend over to play with Munson. I swear that Legend grows visibly every few hours. Anyway it meant that we had three April babies together on the terrace, Minty the eldest by a year but about midway in size between the two dogs.
April babies: Munson, Legend, Minty Munson & Legend - tug-o-stick
peek-a-boo  20051111 Bondi on La Concha (8)

Seeing Legend peeking out from behind Munson reminded me of this shot with Bondi and a passing terrier on La Concha beach at San Sebastian.
P1030955  P1030957

Yet another rain-storm (this drought is breaking fast with on and off-again rain for days now) sent us all inside. How much longer can these two fit on one mat?



  1. Excellent photos, but I am biased. You have three great subjects for your photos! I love the shot of the two dogs on the mat.

  2. I like the part when you threw open your windows and exclaimed, "HELP! I'm being held hostage!"

    I LOVE the black and white photee, i need that one for my wall. and also, Lucy would like to lament that that is HER tea set!" and "what is SHE doing with HER tea set!"

  3. Anonymous7:06 am

    You're a good man Michael. Love your work! Cxx


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