Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sun and sky

P1040240-245_stitch sunflower field
7.30am: I’ve just completed a 3 hour round-trip to Toulouse airport.

Just before I reached home I saw one of the first full fields of blooming sunflowers. Over the last week we’ve spotted a few yellow discs that appeared, seeming so lonely among their thousands of green siblings in each field. The drought has taken its toll and they’re struggling to catch up in numbers and height.

The skies reveal that the traffic above is uninhibited, contrails criss-crossing the Gers at a great height. At lunch today I met someone who moved to the Gers in the early 90s, when the roads were less busy and not regulated by radar. Then it took only an hour to get to the airport  - it takes half as long again now. One has to be very lucky to get an effective speed of more than 60-70kph on journeys between towns.
Munson under the contrails


  1. Walt found a web site that shows you what planes are flying overhead and where they are coming from and going to. I'll ask him to send it to you.

    In France, the death toll on the highways used to be 8,000 a year. And that was back when there weren't that many cars. Now, with two or three times as many cars (or more), it's down to 4,000 highway fatalities a year. Better.

  2. Thanks Ken I would love to see that site.

    Around here I think it is not so much speed killing, as alcohol and carelessness (drivers on the wrong side of the road, particularly on blind curves).

  3. You can't beat a field full of sunflowers. The very essence of a French summer.

  4. Thanks Walt- I've also downloaded the (free) phone version so I can stand outside and identify them