Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Candyshop on a stick

Candyshop on a pole

I was getting ready to drive out this morning – yes the car is back! – when I realised that one of the clothesline poles was looking at me. It took a moment to discern that it was in fact a kitten perched at the top, and on closer inspection, the larger of the two black kittens, Candyshop.

It’s all quite a menagerie in the space between the two houses, and I think many of the creatures have identity issues. When you throw a dog-toy for Tosca, she has to compete with a half-dozen hens rushing to see if it’s edible. On the other hand, if you throw grain to the chickens, a small team of ninja kittens descends on it. Hens squawk, Tosca grumbles and Munson looks on in confusion.

Legend  or LegumeWhen Legend doesn’t have Munson to play with, or a random kitten to gnaw on (they don’t seem to mind), he spends most of his time behind Jean’s vegetable planter barrels, shaded by a canopy of tomato plants. I think he is really Legume, defending his garden against the possibility of vegan wolves descending on his lettuce herd.

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  1. so that's what a polecat looks like!


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