Monday, July 18, 2011

Love is all around

Milkshake & Munson 
Munson gets daily his play-time with Legend, and kitty familiarisation classes at every opportunity. One of the more recent converts to Munson’s charm is Milkshake, who may think that Munson is another tortoiseshell cat since all the other furry creatures around here have solid-coloured coats.

I think I have Munson well along the way to seeing the kittens as different puppies, so he’s good with sniffing their butts while they lick his paws. Milkshake and Candyshop are quite happy to recline under Munson’s great head and bat his snout with their paws.  

In other inter-species dating news, Chris collected dozens of of dried snails from out in the paddock to photograph. He washed them off and left them to dry, only to discover that they had woken up and started to colonise my kitchen island.

Chris’ star performer “Carlos” only has puppy-eyes for him now:

I feel it in my fingers ...

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  1. The photo of the snail is brilliant!