Saturday, July 16, 2011

LUPIAC Munson back in the swim

Mike & Munson @ Lupiac 2011

All this time that I’ve been swimming at Lupiac, Munson has had to miss out because I’ve been using a rental car. The natural order was restored today, with my friend Chris visiting from London again and finally getting the warm weather he missed in March. Chris took this wonderful picture of Munson and me enjoying our time in the water. Munson’s got a bit of a “clay beard”from the water, but is otherwise wonderfully clean.

2011-07-15 Lupiac 
Chris has been training for some long-distance swim events in the UK, and did a few cross-lake laps to keep up his form. Munson was very concerned when he took off and started paddling after him, nearly reaching the other side, about 70-80m away, turning back as Chris returned. I followed at a distance just in case he (Munson) got into trouble – I wasn’t worried about Chris as Munson was watching after him Smile.

On the return leg Munson seemed just a wee bit out of breath, so I swam up next to him and gave a little boost up – still treading water myself, the lake must be at least 3-4m deep here - and then gave him a further  push towards the shore. When he found his footing again, he turned around and immediately went out into the deeper water. You can see the stretch the two swam across in the right-hand inset picture above.

2011-07-15 at 17.04.36 
We had a very clean, very tired dog after that exercise.

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  1. Great portrait of you two water dogs!