Saturday, July 16, 2011

Midnight sunflowers


Chris was keen to get out and do some long-exposure photography under the full-moon – what better subject than sunflowers? I found a road on the outskirts of Vic-Fezensac that placed us between some large fields, and Chris set up his camera about a half hour before midnight. Unfortunately the moon was quickly obscured by clouds so we had to resort to “light painting” – using a torch to sweep over the field of view, or illuminate specific sections by tracing backwards and forwards over it.

The above field of sunflowers was photographed on a long exposure with me holding the camera in my hands, whereas I’ve borrowed Chris’ tripod for the shot below.


The tree above has been “painted” by tracing over the main limbs and some of the foliage for about a minute. The flowers and night-sky are just illuminated by what remains of the moon’s presence. It’s a weird blend of night and shadowless day.

The results from Chris’ grown-up camera equipment are much more successful (much like his efforts during our walking days in Wales last year):
Midi-Pyrénées Sunflowers

You can find some of Chris’ other sunflower compositions from this week in his Flickr photostream.


  1. The flowers look like they're having a sleepy chat to each other on the way home form work.

  2. Wow, those photos are superb, I love them. Very cool!

  3. Absolutely enchanting photos, and I never use the word enchanting, but it suited the images. Chris has been blessed with quite a gift for capturing the beauty of nature, thanks for sharing them.