Sunday, July 17, 2011

MIRANDE Il est un petit peu de la musique country


It’s rather weird seeing a French market-square decorated with their red, white and blue hosting line-dancing exhibitions under the hot Gascon sun. But what else would you expect to see at Europe’s largest country-music festival, running in Mirande since 1992.


The centre of the town was filled with stalls selling Americana in the loosest sense of the word – everything from Nashville-chic to Peruvian Andean pipes. It was not uncommon to see leather vests with a blaze of American brands, neatly underlined with the word FRANCE. It also seemed that everyone knew that a MALAMUTE was in town. We had barely gotten into the main square before Munson was being embraced and coddled by many peculiar-looking individuals. As I walked around the stalls, I realised that the unbelievable quantity of wolf-motif clothing and decorations made the reaction to Munson’s appearance a bit more understandable. It really was rather OTT, I mean I lived in the Pacific Northwest for years and the wolf-dog shtick was not so pronounced as here.

hillbilly and hillmally
As much as I would have liked to have given in to my inner hillbilly for the day, it was too hot for my poor hillmally and rather than let him turn into a baked alaska, stopped off for a swim at the lake on the way home.


banjo velo
Milkshake and tire swingAt home it was good to see that the animal menagerie was out in force,  having some good ol’boy tyre-swingin’ fun.

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