Monday, August 01, 2011

SWEDEN Hovs Hallar–Torekov

Hovs Hallar

This morning’s outing was to Hovs Hallar coastal nature reserve. Its spectacular rocky shoreline featured in (local) director Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1957 film The Seventh Seal. The opening scenes with the knight playing chess with a black-cowled figure of death, and the closing danse macabre were filmed here.

Mike puts down finishing stone at Hovs Hallar Gustav @ Hovs Hallar

Our activities were less metaphysical, when we weren’t clambering over rocks, we built small towers of rocks on the shore. Munson wasn’t much use at this, so had to sit around playing chess by himself while we balanced small boulders. I suppose one could squint across the bay and see all of these cairns as chess-pieces on a board of rubble.

Gustav & Munson @ Hovs Hallar


Lunch was at the nearby seaside resort Torekov, fish and chips at a cafe by the marina. We returned to the dog beach in the afternoon: Munson had quickly learned that he could return splashes at us by putting weight down hard with his forepaws, so spent some time chasing around us (on the end of his leash) making wet mischief.

Torekov (2)
Plocka upp!!! Efter din hund - or the clowns will get you P1040760

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