Sunday, July 31, 2011

SWEDEN Mike and Munson shop for Moomin mugs in Malmö

Optimistorkestern guest-starring optimistmalamute

I only spent a couple of days in Malmö on my last visit, developing some fondness for it rather quickly. I still had a good memory for where to find most of the major landmarks – or as Gustav would hasten to point out – where I can indulge my disease minor passion for collecting Moomin mugs. Every trip to Sweden seems to add a few more of Tove Jansson’s characters to my mug rack.
MalmöMoomin mugs
Lilla Torg, Malmö

After collecting a few more mugs from the iittala store, we drove to the nearby university town of Lund, which apart from being one of the oldest communities in Sweden is also one of the international homes of Indian food along with New York and Sydney. (Someone might like to fact check that one, as I’m taking local signage as my primary reference)

From there it was another hour’s drive up the coast past Helsingborg to the Bastad area where Gustav lives. The afternoon concluded with a swim on a short stretch of dog-friendly beach – somewhat limited in that dogs had to be on leash in and out of the water. Still, not a bad place for our first dip in the Baltic.

A dip in the Baltic


  1. How cold was that water? the water off northern France is only 17º...

  2. Not much warmer than that - good enough to swim in without discomfort. Munson was beside himself with joy surfing through the little waves.

  3. Is it wrong to admit that I have a crush on Munson? Would love to kiss that hairy face of his, and shake his big paw. Thank you for sharing your travels with us, I so enjoying seeing the photos and learning a bit about each place you visit.

  4. How interesting, I was in Lund last year as I have business customer located there. I had no idea about the "Indian food" connection as we arrived after 9PM and had a hard time finding anywhere which would serve us dinner (we ended up at Burger King!)
    But I recall a nice coffee shop just opposite the station.
    Have fun.