Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We’re all going on a summer holiday

9am departure - Mike & Munson ready to go
Munson & Legend - final romp

As usual my week of packing meant thinking about what I’d pack for 6.5 days, emptying the fridge for 6.7 days and then throwing everything into a bag in the final 0.3 days. I’ve done this before.

My early night’s sleep was disturbed at 4.30am by Munson demanding my attention outside. I staggered out to the terrace and looked into the night without figuring what was going on. Maybe Munson was fidgety about all the car-packing. It wasn’t till the morning that I found that an animal (possibly a fox) had pulled up some of the tomato plants growing in a barrel near my kitchen door. The vegan predators have been scared off from the other house by Legend/Legume and made my garden the new target. So be it – I’m not going to be able to enjoy any of the fruits of my gardening over the next month or so.

Munson had a final romp with Legend. I wanted to record their comparative sizes now in anticipation of Legend’s growth in our absence.

Rubber-necking at chateaux

Setting off at 9am on the dot, Brian (Blessed, the voice of my TomTom) predicted a 4.00pm arrival at Ken & Walt’s house. I tried to avoid the motorway for the start of the journey – it detours a bit towards Toulouse and doesn’t save any time for those who are heading in the general direction of Paris. It also neatly bypasses the toll-road – those euros can really add up on a long journey.

So we drove through Agen, and then through very pretty countryside until we hit Perigeaux’s lunchtime traffic snarl at noon (on the dot as it happened). We pulled over in Limoges for lunch and for Munson to empty himself, and I reset Brian to calculate our time based on taking the motorway for most of the remaining journey. That allowed me to email Ken with a 4.30 ETA. Surprisingly, even with road delays, stopping to fill up the car and rubber-necking at chateaux we pulled into their drive.

Ken and Walt are the first bloggers I’ve followed and subsequently met since I got back to Australia a few years back. So there is that curious feeling of cybernetic pen-pals finally meeting , although with blogging you are each “broadcasting” into space and hoping to find intelligent life and then interacting through our comment threads. So despite meeting face to face for the first time, we have a long familiarity with each other’s lives and you zip past a lot of chit chat into deep conversation.
Munson & Callie
Munson met Callie the collie and they had a bit of a romp together in the nearby vineyards. I’m already missing the ones we had on the farm, as they break up the landscape of pastures and allow deer and other animals to approach the houses.

A fantastic dinner ( please refer to all the cooking entries in their blogs)  and then an early night.

Köln tomorrow!


  1. OMG! The top pic of you and Munson is awesome! You totally need to blow it up and frame it!


  2. We enjoyed meeting you both! Bonne continuation !


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