Tuesday, August 09, 2011

GERMANY Essen M&M with Buddy Holly

Munson @ Star Diner, Essen
The day began with a visit to a Malmö veterinarian so that Munson could have his mandatory tick and worm treatments before entering the UK tomorrow. I weighed Munson for the first time this year and found that, trim as he appears, he’d upped his weight to a bit over 49 kg, 10% over his long-held 45kg.

With that, we farewelled Malmö, Sweden and Gustav; Gustav we would be seeing again in four weeks. With his summer job complete and my Offa’s Dyke walk done, it seemed that the cheapest and most practical way to get him to France would be via a flight to London, and then driving back to the farm together.

So we rewound our drive through Denmark and various expensive bridge tolls, the tunnel under the Elb, and the pouring down rain in northern Germany. I’d picked a cheap dog-friendly hotel in Essen and found something of a kindred spirit in its manageress, who had a beautiful white shepherd by the name of Luna.

Munson wasn’t having a good time with the worm treatment that morning, or I should say the double-dose he’d received as a result of entering Sweden a week earlier. Having two months’ worth of these chemicals flushing out his system in under ten 10 days was not something I had planned, but which I regretted enormously.

There was a nice big rabbit-y field near the hotel which did give him a chance to burn off the hours he’d spent in the car, and then later that night, he accompanied me to the nearby Star Diner for a small meal. I wasn’t expecting to find a big 1950s American-style diner with a giant Buddy Holly out front in the middle of what’s really a commercial office park, but it was fun, the list of milkshakes was incredible, and Munson was quite happy to nap under my table. 


  1. Wait a minute! I though I was your buddy Holly??? That doesn't look like me at all!


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