Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A fox on all your houses - Bankside bank holiday funToday’s outing was a simple but maybe too ambitious circuit through central London. We had a longish overland rail trip into London Bridge while Munson curled up at the feet of a group of girls who texted photos of him for all their friends to see. Bankside was crammed with seasonal silliness: a small sandy beach, croquet players and deck-chairs; a series of painted beach huts had me back on Calshot beach again.

1993~ Poppy (Jeff Koons), Circular Quay, SydneyThe Southbank Centre has some sort of Indian food festival around it, garnished with a giant fox sculpture which I first thought was a poo sculpture, but the Urban Fox is made from straw. It’s not quite as pretty as Jeff Koons Poppy which I saw outside Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art in 1993.

By the time we reached the Royal Festival Hall we were ready for lunch and potentially had a long wait outside Wagamama for a table. A spot of rain made everyone ahead of us choose to wait for  indoor seating, so the door staff – having cleverly spotted Munson - whisked us from the queue to a covered outdoor table and we had our orders placed before most other people had even been seated.

London walking route

Across the river on a path snaking past Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and Piccadilly Circus took us up to Carnaby Street, where we met up with Elin a friend of Gustav from Sweden. From there we crossed through Soho and the Seven Dials area on a route to Covent Garden. My aim was to get us back to London Bridge station to complete the circuit but we were getting pretty tired, so tubed back instead.
Fashion Victims - Much Who - Shrek lollies - Priscilla
Gustav & Elin buy lollies - fashion victim of tomorrow - Munson on train

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  1. Last time I was in London, I had a glass of wine in the pub next door to the 'Prscilla' theatre. The only people I heard talking were Australians, something along the lines of a shrieked, "Come here and have a drink ya big poof." Appropriate I suppose - and it made me feel at home!