Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Offa’s Dyke 11: Llangollen

Sharing ice-cream on Llangollen high streetIt’s six years to the day since I last visited Llangollen, another home along the Welsh borders for my peripatetic ancestors 150 yrs ago. The main memory of that day, which I didn’t record at the time, was of being kicked out of the visitor centre for bringing Bondi in. It was one of the few cases I’ve experienced where someone has gone from zero to apoplexy in three seconds for having the temerity to enter their sacred domain with a dog. No “excuse me but…”, just spittle and noise. If I hadn’t been booked in for the night, I would have avoided the town completely, so negative was the experience.

Blisterzilla was giving me a lot of grief today, but I think it was just the pain of the healing process. Nevertheless I didn’t want to walk or drive very far, so I mostly sat reading and people-watching by the river and at a cafe on the high street. There’s not much you can do in the town after you’ve peered at a few windows full of tourist tat. Two women on a lunch break took me on in full-body-armour smutty banter which helped the day go by until I could check in at the B&B.

I was pleasantly surprised by our quarters at Cornerstones Guesthouse.  Not only did we have a view directly over the River Dee, but we actually had a multi-room suite with direct access to the road.

Cornerstones suite

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