Thursday, August 18, 2011

Offa’s Dyke 7: KNIGHTON Canolfan Clawdd Offa

Munson @ Offa's Dyke Centre Not long after I awoke and started packing up my things, Blisterzilla burst and settled on my foot like an old balloon. It’s too awkwardly placed for me to inspect properly so I thought that I should get it dressed properly to avoid infection. My hosts at the inn called the doctors’ surgery but they couldn’t fit me in today.

Overnight I’d decided that while the walking has come to an end, we will continue the route and see more of the Welsh Marches. My accommodation and half-board for the next week has already been paid for, and while I could probably recuperate those costs from my travel insurance, I really didn’t have a better alternative plan. A few days ago I got a surprise message from some American friends who I hadn’t seen in the better part of a decade. They were going to be in England at the end of next week and wondered if I would be free. Now I would definitely have time and could plan my itinerary accordingly.

So, I was going to need my car back today in order to get onto the next walking stops. I hobbled down to the Knighton railway station to see what the timetable held in store for a journey to Chepstow. The station was unattended, but by luck a train was on the platform and I was able to ask the conductor for guidance. He said the next one would be along around 12.15pm and I’d have a change at Craven Arms for Newport and then a final short leg to Chepstow; journey time around 3.5 hours.

Witches'Parking - all others will be toadNow, if I had been at the end of the route at Prestatyn, I would have had a bit more work to get to Chepstow: apart from being more wrecked from having walked twice as far, I’d have all my bags and Munson to manage for the journey south. Today, because I was going to come back in this direction, I didn’t need to take the bags, and could conceivably leave him at the Inn, where he’d probably be happy to sleep all day.

With the morning free, I had time to consult a pharmacist about the remains of Blisterzilla and added some more ointments and bandages to my kit. We also visited the Offa’s Dyke Centre ( which had a NO DOGS sign but they allowed Munson in anyway ). I spent about an hour there, mostly talking to one of the staff, but found most of the content curiously uninspiring; maybe I was just too tired to appreciate it.

There were some interesting novelty vehicles parked off the street near the Centre. The double bubble car would be a splendid way to tour Munson around the country.

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