Friday, August 19, 2011

Offa’s Dyke 8: Munson mushes in Montgomery, Montgomeryshire

WALES Montgomery
Offa’s Dyke path continues north past the charming town of Montgomery, only a few minutes by car from Drewin Farm.  If we had continued our walk we would only have seen it from a distance.

The town has a long history, four centuries as a powerful seat for a succession of families, several more as county market town and now sits with its handsome collection of Georgian buildings and earlier timber-framed buildings. There are the remains of an old castle at the top of a hill but my feet were in no condition to traipse up there.

This was our first real opportunity to relax in over a week, so we took our time meandering around the central streets. I spoke with someone about UK Wolf Watch which I gather has its centre somewhere in the area. I would have loved to visit, but they carefully control access with advance visitor passes.

There’s a local food cooperative for celebrating local produce called Taste Montgomery.

My favourite moment of the morning was when we were walking up to one of the churchyards to enjoy the view to the east where Offa’s Dyke runs. A lady was pushing her grandson up the hill and had a little introduction to Munson. By way of explaining what a snow dog really does (when he’s not on your sofa), I hitched the leash up to the boy’s tricycle and let Munson haul him up the slope.
Welsh mushes

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  1. Even on holiday, working dogs do what they know and love!


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